NEERA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & SANCHAR NET is trained more than Three Thousand people in Association with Department of Youth Series, Step care, SETWIN, SC Corporation, & ST, Disblie, DRDA, IKP, Rajiv Udyogasri, EGMM, MEPMA.We have situated at Metpally having an area of 6000sq.ft and equipped with latest infrastructure nearly 50 Systems, one big AC Lab apart from four other labs with sufficient power backup, 5 spacious class rooms with a capacity to a accommodate 20 to 30 students in each with prerequisites, backing up with 8 Faculty having grinding experience under their belt to provide the best training in all subjects with customized service to match IT requirements of National and International level. In turn it makes us and ideal training place to imparting best computer education.

The training methods to be used should be appropriate to the development of competencies. The focus of the programme is on “performing” and not on “Knowing”. Lecturing will be restricted to the minimum necessary and emphasis to be given for 'hands on training'.The training methods will be individual centered to make each person a competent one. Opportunities for individual work will be provided. The learning process will be continuously monitored and feedback will be provided on individual basis.

Kinds of Tests in Training:

Theory Tests

Much of theoretical knowledge can be tested in its application in practical. For example, if the candidate can apply Ohm’s law in doing the job, the theory questions on Ohm’s law are not required. Wherever, the theory test is considered necessary

  • It must assess the knowledge, which is essential for a person to do the job. Without this knowledge, the person must not be able to do the job.
  • The questions should normally be of objective type involving selection of correct response rather than writing sentences.
  • The question paper should contain sketches / diagrams / photographs / drawings to overcome the problems of reading comprehension.
  • The test should be of short duration. The different kinds of Tests generally applied to all kinds of assessments are:
    1. Oral Test / Written Test
    2. Objective Test (Example: Identifi cation, Multiple choice, Matching, Completion, True-False etc.)
Performance Tests
  • Manipulative Skills to handle tools & equipment
  • Speed in doing work
  • Accuracy maintained
  • Quality in workmanship
  • Sequence of Performance
  • Economical use of materials
  • Neatness & House keeping
  • Ability to follow Manuals/ Written instructions